Cleaning oil contamintated concrete
Chemical Spills



Clean Stone Solutions environmental and OH&S policies ensure we can effectively clean while minimising impact on the environment.

Our vacuum recovery, water filtration, water recycling and waste disposal is second to none, allowing us to comply with all statutory guidelines.

Our services include:

  • High pressure and hot water cleaning of all hard surfaces, concrete, tiles, stone, pavers, timber decking, sporting surfaces, cool rooms, factories, food processing, walls, ceilings-roof, facades, workshops, carparks, warehouses, shopping centres, loading docks.
  • Cleaning and preparing surfaces for new coatings.
  • Treatments and sealers for concrete, stone and timber.
  • Anti-slip treatments.
  • Concrete remedial works, brick and stone re-pointing.
  • Spill containment and clean up, reclaiming spills for safe disposal.
  • Cleaning of food prep floors and repair of epoxy grout.